University German telc C1

Before the course begins you take a test to assess your language, written and listening skills. You then join a group with learners at the same level of language proficiency as you. The special combination of teacher-centred and group learning, weekly homework plans and meetings with the teachers guarantee clear learning progress. The experienced teachers on this course are native speakers and academics. Emphasis is placed on the teaching of professionally applicable language skills.

Course description: the course prepares university course applicants whose mother tongue is not German and who want to study at a German college or university for the entrance exams (Hochschulzugangsprüfung). The exam telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule has been a recognised language exam for entrance to German colleges and universities since 2016 ( §8 of RO-DT Guidelines for German language exams for courses at German further education establishments). All German colleges and universities accept the exam telc German C1, but please check with your prospective university beforehand.

Themes include: descriptions of diagrams, writing up reports, drafting texts, making presentations, vocabulary relevant to studying and grammatical structures that often appear in academic texts, technology and progress, politics and history, communication, digital media, economics and environment.