German for doctors and medics B2/ C1
85.33% work-related language teaching

Before the course begins you take a test to assess your language, written and listening skills. You then join a group with learners at the same level of language proficiency as you. The special combination of teacher-centred and group learning, weekly homework plans and meetings with the teachers guarantee clear learning progress. The experienced teachers on this course are native speakers and academics. Emphasis is placed on the teaching of professionally applicable language skills.

Course description: the skills listening, speaking and writing in relation to medicine are trained at levels B2 and C1 during the course. Specific focus is on communication skills, such as conversation between doctors and patients or between doctors or with relatives in the form of role plays. The differentiation between professional terminology and language appropriate for patients is of particular importance. Apart from medical terminology the everyday terms are also taught.

Listening and writing skills for everyday medical purposes are consolidated. Moreover, the reading of professional texts expands the vocabulary.

The course prepares participants for the vocational language exam at the German Medical Association (Ärztekammer).

Themes include: case history, patient introductions, discharge discussions, difficult conversations, discussions with family members, doctors' letters, emails, physical inspections, requesting a case meeting with other medical professionals.

To round things off we other intensive preparation for the exam and job application training.